We aim to be there at a client's time of need. To provide accurate, timely and precise information and services delivered from a lifetime of knowledge and application engineering "

 - Graham Bettany

About us & our team

Korbinian Brodmann (17 November 1868 – 22 August 1918) was a German neurologist, famous for his definition of the cerebral cortex, dividing the brain into 52 distinct regions, since known as Brodmann areas. These areas perform differing tasks, individually useless, but together form a powerful, life defining unit. At Brodman Limited our detectors, our sensors and field devices, individually are unable to complete a protection task, but when brought together with a central control unit or control panel and a well considered design, offer our customers life and livelihood protection.

Brodman - A Leicestershire based company, specialize in fire and security engineering, portable fire extinguishers, conventional and addressable fire alarms, door access control or security systems for all types of clients.

Our engineers have extensive knowledge, they can ensure reliable performance of installed systems and our risk assessors can be called upon to assess and report upon changes you may want to make.

Key Personnel @ Brodman - just ask for them by name 

Graham Bettany MIFSM MIFPO, our MD, is a qualified fire and security professional, with NEBOSH & SFJ accreditation. He focuses on site surveys, system design, fire & safety training and risk assessments. He occasionally turns his hand to site tasks, if the engineers let him. 

Richard Wykes, our Senior Field Engineer, has had a lifetime of using his practical skills in his home county of Leicestershire. First in the local hosiery industry, then via his own business he found his way into the Fire and Security industry some 20 years ago. He has developed a wealth of knowledge and enjoys nothing more than a happy system, fault free.

Martin Hazlewood, the newest member of the field engineer team. Recently fully qualified, keen to help and put his new skills into practice. Background skills in H&S and property maintenance make him a valuable member of the team.

Chris is our our dedicated Fire Extinguisher Engineer. Working with our team for 20 years, he brings a wealth of experience to provide annual inspections of 'cans' for all our clients..


Linda, Diana, Kathryn and Jackie behind the scenes, vital to the business, look after our planning, servicing and accounting tasks. Planning and managing our maintenance visits, processing all our orders and liaising with suppliers. 

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