Places where Brodman protect

Brodman's teams work in a number of premises type, places where auditors have reviewed our work and found it to be to the highest standards. But don't take our word for, ask our clients?

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As a leader of a school, you are required by law to carry out and regularly review your fire safety arrangements. To maintain all your fire safety equipment in working order, and have certificates to evidence this.

You might wish to control access control to key areas of the building. Maybe staff only spaces or monitor who has movement, where and when. 


You may need CCTV to keep a close eye on the site out of hours, or oversee a workspace to protect vulnerable people.

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Testimonial - Mr Walton - Private School Premises Officer - 9 days, 2 sites, full fire door survey, for our grade 2 listed site. Intruder alarm installation, for our grade 2 listed site.

Dualcom connection, of our recently upgraded fire and intruder, for our main site. Paxton access control installation, for our main site. Emergency lighting replacement, as required. The logistics of this work appeared daunting but was completed within the time frame allowed.
Very professional, knowledgeable, prompt and polite. Many thanks to the whole team.

Car Front
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Technology in the motor industry today, leads dealerships to be active and busy spaces, with great value of goods on display. 

Protecting the premises from fire is vital when so many differing tasks, some hazardous ones, are ongoing. Brodman install and maintain fire alarms and train the teams to cope with fire should it occur. 

CCTV we install to capture movement of vehicles and people on the premises, to avoid those misunderstandings if a vehicle was or was not damaged on site. 

Our access control can stop unauthorised people moving through the building unchallenged.

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Testimonial - Miss Woods - Car Dealership Safety Manager - I have been using Brodman over the last few years and highly recommend this company. They never let me down, very professional and great value for money. They cover all my fire alarms, emergency lighting and fire training. If ever I need advice or something urgent, they always comply. Recommend these services to everyone.




Nursing Homes & Hospitals
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Caring for those need is at the cornerstone of any caring society.


We provide a range of fire and security services to this sector. We ensure our staff are respectful when in such surroundings.

We can monitoring for early warning of fire, or install devices to limit access control to delicate, sensitive or harmful areas and provide fire and safety training to staff members. Its all in a days work for Brodman.

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Testimonial - Mr Benson - Insurance advisor - Fire safety and all that goes with it is vital for any business and Graham at Brodman is the man to turn to as he has vast experience and know- how in this sector.


I can always rely on him.


Testimonial - Mr Kinch – Lead at School for Autistic learning -  Great company, understood our needs perfectly. Was always on time and respectful. Highly recommended.

Places of Assembly & Places of Worship
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The heritage of the UK can be seen in the beautiful churches and church halls we have across the country.

Protecting them can require very delicate installations. Brodman have installed in Graded buildings using wireless technologies and, when dressing building with cables, taken care not to cause a disturbance.

Local village halls, concert halls, cinemas and theaters see hundreds of people coming together, and we provide systems to protect them and the building. To monitor their movements and restrict access to public spaces only.

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Testimonial - Mr Lockwood – Church Premises Trustee - The Brodman team did an incredible job for New Springs City Church, sorting out the fire safety system. Throughout the project, the engineers were always prompt, very courteous and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Brodman; their expertise and professional approach is second to none.

Offices, Shops & Warehousing
Office Building
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New offices/shops or new spaces being created, Brodman can install, alter and commissioning fire and security systems to protect a space that is the beating heart of a business. 

Helping Store or Office Managers and Security Managers create robust yet discreet security measures where necessary, or cameras positioned overtly to discourage crime.All part of an overall package of measures to protect the premises. 


Mix this security plan with the need to detect and evacuate in case of fire, Brodman uses advanced techniques to ensure that there are no gaps in your protection.

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Testimonial - Miss Mayneord - Facilities Health and Safety Manager We have used Graham for many years. He is extremely helpful and very reliable.


He never tries to sell us anything that we don't need, he gives honest / trustworthy advice. Graham is my "go to" when I need training and advice. Our staff love him and always comment on how knowledgeable he is and how he makes the Fire Training interesting :)

Thank you Graham and your Team





Sleeping Accommodation & Landlord Buildings
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Sleeping overnight in a hotel, a small guest house or student accommodation, you will assume you are protected from fire and unauthorised entry. 

Helping premises Managers and Landlords create suitable security and fire safety measures, to protect persons when sleeping.


Cameras to discourage damage and trespassing can be positioned to trigger when approached.  Remote building can be protected wirelessly. 

Regardless of age of those present, automatic protection while sleeping, is key to safety.

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Testimonial - Miss Basey - Residential Care Home for Retired Clergy - Excellent customer service from a professional and friendly team.


They are highly knowledgeable and very efficient in all aspects of their work.


Highly recommend.