Access Control

What is access control and how can we help you?

If you want to control entry to certain parts of your building , or certain people, our access control systems can help.


Our units are designed and programmed to let the right people gain access and to stop those you prefer not.


Maybe your building has split areas of responsibility or a common reception area, then our systems are perfect for you.


We can supply packages with pass-code entry or proximity tags for selected users. All this comes with full access rights controlled by you and limits the costs to a minimum once installed.

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Emergency Lighting

When do I need these?

If, in the event of fire, the power fails, or an unplanned power out occurs, people need to reach a place of safety quickly and safely. Those routes being used should be considered for Emergency Lighting to BS5266 Part 1.


We can supply packages with decorative fittings, discrete fittings or the more common over-door and overhead units. If your responsible for a warehouse or storage area let our Twinspot units provide the emergency illumination.


TESTING - make sure that you can test your installed fittings, UK standards require you do so once a month. Check you know the locations of your test switches and have a suitable logbook to record your findings.

Call or email - we can help with this.