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Access Control

What is access control and how can we help you?


​If you want to control entry to certain parts of your building , or certain people, our access control systems can help. Our units are designed and programmed to let the right people gain access and to stop those you prefer not.


Maybe your building has split areas of responsibility or a common reception area, then our systems are perfect for you. We can supply packages with pass-code entry or proximity tags for selected users. All this comes with full access rights controlled by you and limits the costs to a minimum once installed.


Automatic Gates and Barriers

Barrier 2.jpg

Security barriers designed to prevent unauthorized access, intrusion, or harm to a specific area or site. 

Our barriers are designed and installed to protect assets, property or people against threats such as theft, vandalism or sabotage. 

Security barriers can take different forms, depending on the level of protection required, the environment, and the type of threat, but some examples include:

  • Physical barriers

    • fences

    • gates

    • rising barriers

    • bollards

many integrated to cameras, sensors and alarms.

The effectiveness of security barriers depends on several factors such as their design, maintenance, testing, and integration with other electronic security measures. 

A comprehensive security survey is undertaken by our team to capture the clients requirements and the physical options, in order to provide suitable and useable security measures.


Maintenance, Inspections & 24 hour call out

Dependent on the risk profile, the normal approach will see engineering team servicing the system once a year

Keeping it simple - call your dedicated engineer direct
  • All maintenance visits finish with engineers providing certification at point of delivery.

  • ​All our maintenance inspections are BOOKED IN ADVANCE, so to be convenient for you.

  • ​Maintenance engineers can be contacted with one phone call.

  • ​PRICES can be fixed for 3 Years.

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