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CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. Unlike traditional television, CCTV is a closed-loop system where everything being broadcasted stays in-house. Nothing that is recorded with CCTV gets broadcasted over public airwaves.

The main use case for CCTV is for security purposes. Many businesses, bars, schools, restaurants, banks and homes rely on CCTV for protection. While the security system may not stop a perpetrator, it will deter criminal activity.


From 2 channel dome camera installations to multi channel, multi technology, indoor and outdoor platforms. We use leading brands and can advise and identify the right solution for you, domestic or commercial.


The power of artificial intelligence is truly harnessed in modern CCTV systems, It’s ability to differentiate between Humans, Vehicles & other objects, mean you can have the peace of mind that any camera activation, is genuine. And with the power of mobile applications, you have access to your CCTV system anywhere in the world. motion detection alerts, live viewing & playback all at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Our Approach


1. We perform a risk based survey - UK surveilance standards require that we identify the risk profile of the site and the likelihood and locations of intruders or unwanted guests.


2. Evaluate most effective system, choosing product from across the whole market, we are tied to no one provider, we choose the best option for your application.


3. Compile full specification and pricing options. Detail to you the options available and let you choose the solution you prefer, or amend it to suit your exacting needs. ​

Throughout the process, meeting and chatting through what outcome you are looking for.

Subsequently we install your system and offer ongoing maintenance. Its imperative we provide a good service or install and handover, as we strive to be your maintenance partner going forward.

Hikvision VASP Partner Program

Brodman are delighted to have been awarded HikVision Platinum VASP (Value-Added Service Provider) status. This is recognition of our ever growing commitment to offer the highest levels or services and support for our CCTV installations.


The exclusive invitation-only VASP Program ensures our customers can buy with confidence from Brodman with the assurance we have been trained in all aspects of the Hikvision CCTV range from design, install, commissioning and maintenance. 


Our Platinum VASP Partner status ensures that we benefit in exclusive support direct from Hikvision including specific Project Design / Consultation & Exclusive Pricing that ensures we can offer our customers the latest in CCTV Technology for the best value for money . 


Please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more, arrange a demo or discuss a project


Maintenance, Inspections & 24 hour call out

Dependent on the risk profile, the normal approach will see engineering team servicing the system once a year

Keeping it simple - call your dedicated engineer direct
  • All maintenance visits finish with engineers providing certification at point of delivery.

  • ​All our maintenance inspections are BOOKED IN ADVANCE, so to be convenient for you.

  • ​Maintenance engineers can be contacted with one phone call.

  • ​PRICES can be fixed for 3 Years.

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