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When do I need a Fire Alarm?


Your Fire Risk Assessment will determine if you require one and what type and complexity it should be. 

Your insurer or landlord might have an input or requirement of you. Accreditation bodies for your industry might take a view.

Whatever the starting point is, we can clarify this with you, Brodman designers are fully trained to help you with this.


Our Range of Fire Alarms

Single Zone Fire Alarms

Those sites with a small number of staff and typically 300M2 or less, can be installed with a small and simple fire alarm. This might include automatic detectors and call points dependent on the risk profile. - let our team advise you.


Multi Zone Fire Alarms

Those small to medium sites with staff, maybe spread over different floors or segregated spaces within a building. This might be a small factory and offices, place of worship, community hall or shops. A location where a simple system is needed to draw attention to a fire developing unnoticed.


Addressable Loop Based Systems

Medium to larger premises, or those where persons may sleep. These addressable systems (wired or wireless) provide the user with pinpoint location information as to the location of a fire or fault. Programmed by our engineers, these system can include for special shutting down of building management and day/night features.

UK fire extinguisher regulations state that you should have a minimum of two 'Class A' extinguishers on every storey of the building. Every building is different, so we will assess your premises and provide the right amount of extinguishers and maintain them at a sensible price.


Most portable fire extinguishers are red in appearance now, but we can also provide pretty, stainless steel and chromed ones should you require these to be more subtle in your premises. 


Water - Foam - Powder - CO2 - Wet Chemical all available.

Installed with simple installations, normally to wall hooks. A range of stands in both red plastic and chrome ones for front of house are available, as are all the signage you need.

The right system for you can be identified by an assessment of  the risk during one of our surveys.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Alarms



Maintenance, Inspections & 24 hour call out

Fire Alarms - Such systems shall be well maintained and be reliable platform for detecting and evacuating a premises. Our maintenance inspections, normally twice a year, unless the risk is deemed to require more often, include for full CERTIFICATION at the point of delivery.

Extinguishers - Portable Extinguishers require a monthly visual inspection by the client and annual service inspection by an engineer. We will show you how to perform your tasks and we will perform ours with full CERTIFICATION to the testing requirements of BS5306 Part 3 at the point of delivery.

Keeping it simple - call your dedicated engineer direct
  • All maintenance visits finish with engineers providing certification at point of delivery.

  • ​All our maintenance inspections are BOOKED IN ADVANCE, so to be convenient for you.

  • ​Maintenance engineers can be contacted with one phone call.

  • ​PRICES can be fixed for 3 Years.

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