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Intruder Alarms

We have a wide range of equipment that can be the solution to your security needs with packages to suit different budgets and security grading challenges.

GRADE 1 INTRUDER ALARM - Domestic Systems, with optional remote monitoring or voice dial facilities - today these are mainly wireless systems.

GRADE 2 & 3 INTRUDER ALARM - Commercial Systems, with professional remote monitoring for key holder response. These systems incorporate confirmed alarm triggers to reduce unwanted alarm activities as required in PD6662.

Our Approach


1. We perform a risk based survey - UK surveilance standards require that we identify the risk profile of the site and the likelihood and locations of intruders or unwanted guests.


2. Evaluate most effective system, choosing product from across the whole market, we are tied to no one provider, we choose the best option for your application.


3. Compile full specification and pricing options. Detail to you the options available and let you choose the solution you prefer, or amend it to suit your exacting needs. ​

Throughout the process, meeting and chatting through what outcome you are looking for.

Subsequently we install your system and offer ongoing maintenance. Its imperative we provide a good service or install and handover, as we strive to be your maintenance partner going forward.


Maintenance, Inspections & 24 hour call out

Dependent on the risk profile, the normal approach will see engineering team servicing the system once a year

Keeping it simple - call your dedicated engineer direct
  • All maintenance visits finish with engineers providing certification at point of delivery.

  • ​All our maintenance inspections are BOOKED IN ADVANCE, so to be convenient for you.

  • ​Maintenance engineers can be contacted with one phone call.

  • ​PRICES can be fixed for 3 Years.

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