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Fire Safety Training

Group Fire Safety Training - who is it for?

​Courses provided for your Fire Officers, Deputy Fire Officers and Fire Marshals, also most useful for Health and Safety Coordinators and other Responsible Persons / Management, who have responsibilities in UK fire law.

Where will the course take place? Delivered at your location.

Duration – Normally complete within 2 hours.

 Headings covered 

  • Legal requirements of fire safety in a commercial buildings

  • Corporate Requirements

  • Expectations of local authority inspections / fire service inspections 

  • Practical Requirements, how to test your systems and how to keep records


The Law - explore the headlines of article 21, in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which requires the responsible person to provide employees with adequate safety training


Key Roles - talk through the role of onsite Fire Officers & Fire Marshals (provide a FREE role descriptions if needed) and how these roles dovetail into the role of the Responsible Person in Law.

Fire Development & User Inspections - Moving onto to discuss the physics of fire development, how automatic detectors work and how to test the Fire Alarm System, the Emergency Lighting system and identification of and uses of differing types of extinguishers.


Learning Outcomes - At the end of the training course those attending will understand the process for testing the fire alarm, the emergency lighting and how to perform inspections of the fire extinguishers.


They will have formed an understanding of the roles of the fire officer and fire marshals and how to perform regular evacuations. They will understand the need for records to be kept in a suitable logbook, and be provided with a logbook if one is needed. They will understand what steps to take to avoid false alarms that can be disruptive to a business.

Optional training follows for live Fire Extinguisher training, normally held outside in an open area.


Our trainer Graham Bettany, MIFSM MIFPO Grad.Dip & NEBOSH and Skills for Justice certificated Fire Risk Assessor & experienced Trainer.

 Certificates - E-Certificates of training (PDF’s) will be issued for those attending.

This course gives a grounding in basic fire safety principles and is CERTIFICATED for 3 years.

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